• Digital X-Rays

  • Even if you don’t have any symptoms, there may be more going on with your oral health below the surface. X-rays can be used to generate radiographic images of areas the dentist is interested in viewing more in depth.

    Dr. Fisher’s specially trained team takes every precaution when using state of the art digital X-ray imaging technology. For years he has been safely taking images for patients from South Miami, Pinecrest, and the surrounding areas to get a better understanding of each person’s oral health and discuss potential treatment options.

    What is digital X-ray imaging?

    X-ray beams are used to create a black and white image of your bones and teeth. Digital X-ray images are captured immediately, allowing the dentist to analyze them instantly and review the findings with you.

    Dr. Fisher’s advanced technology allows him to generate digital X-ray images quickly right in the office. The images are securely stored so Dr. Fisher can more efficiently treat you.